• Strojarska Towers in Zagreb (Croatia)

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Zagreb International Airport

In cooperation with the construction company KAMGRAD d.o.o., BBR Adria d.o.o. has just completed its work on Zagreb International Airport. Pre-tensioning works were conducted in the area of 40,000 m2, and total project value amounted to € 240 million. Apart from quality, BBR technology also achieved significant time savings in construction of the concrete part of the structure.

Strojarska Street Project

A large business and residential centre has been built in the centre of Zagreb, for which the investor VMD PROMET d.o.o. recognised the benefits of BBR technology. There are 2 skyscrapers, 13-storey Tower A and 26-storey Tower B. More than 130 tons of highly valuable steel strands for pre-tensioning were incorporated in both buildings. The investor and BBR Adria have continued their cooperation in another project in Grahorova street in Zagreb, which confirms the quality of works performed.

Buildings in Zapruđe

BBR Adria has just concluded an agreement on works at the business and residential building in Zapruđe. Following the success in Zagreb International Airport project, Kamgrad and BBR Adria continue with their successful cooperation on a large new project. Works on pre-tensioning of the structure are expected to begin in March 2015.